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The Kosair Shrine Circus is performed by George Carden Circus International. George is the fifth generation in show business and has been in the circus business all of his life. He has acquired knowledge of all aspects of the operation from front to back. The circus travels over 40,000 miles each year in the United States and Canada. The season lasts 42 weeks, during which part of the time the circus has two units on the road. Both of his sons work elephants in the circus. George Carden Circus International offers the finest in family entertainment. They present a beautiful three-ring production which is fascinating to children of all ages! With 50 years producing Carden Entertainment's Shrine Circus, no other circus producer offers the Spectacular Entertainment package that George Carden does.

Our Ringleader, Audrey Michelle Alvarado, was born in El Paso, TX. She was taken to a circus for the first time when she was four years old and from then on she has been a part of the Circus World! Her parents were hand-balancers and she performed with them for the first time when she was six years old. She then proceeded to tour with her family and perform various circus acts. With her brother Taj, she trained animals, performed with elephants and became an aerialist. At the age of fourteen, she decided she wanted to go to school so she returned to El Paso, TX to finish her education. The Circus was never far from her heart. She returned to the Circus at the age of twenty two after she married Israel Alvarado, a former acrobat with the famous Golden Aztecs. They now travel together and raise their three children, Adrian, Carolina and Sebastian. The Circus is an art form like no other. The gratification of performing and then to see the joy on the faces of the audience is an experience like no other!

Asking an 8,000 pound
Circus Elephants to stand up on its hind legs and put all of its weight on the lower abdomen is probably not the easiest task in the world. These Asian elephants are highly intelligent and will learn quickly. However, the hardest part about training is the muscle building program and regiment that they must go through. Much like an athlete or weight lifter, an elephant must learn and develop the proper muscles needed to do certain tricks. All of the elephants were born in the wild and have been trained since they were about 3 years old. Their average age is about 40 years old and they can live up to 80 years in captivity, but only about 45-50 years in the wild.

Daniel Raffo Tigers - Daniel Raffo is a 5th generation circus performer who began presenting animals by the time he was 13 years old. He began performing as an acrobat, juggler and a high-wire artist in his family's circus. Daniel's deep respect and compassion for the animal kingdom began in his childhood. He tended to the animals living in his family's safari park in Argentina. Daniel and his feline cohorts consist of Siberian, Sumatra and Bengal tigers. He trains his four-legged partners for four years before they can join the act. The tigers slowly get acclimated to the music, lights and non-stop action. The maneuvers that the tigers perform are extensions of their natural abilities and each have their own characteristics.

Johnny & Perla - Johnny Dominguez and Miss Perla are a unique animal act! From the moment they enter the ring as a clown act, you don't know what to expect from these two. Miss Perla has been expertly trained and performs every command to perfection. You will be astonished as Johnny & Perla amaze the crowd!

Beautiful Aerial Artistry by Andrea Ayala Raffo - Andrea is suspended 30 feet in the air without a safety net or harness, only by her hair! This unique hair hang act was inherited from Andrea's family. Her Grandmother in Mexico was the first family member to perform the act. Andrea is a 5th generation circus performer and began practicing the hairhang act when she was 11 years old and only after a year of training she began performing for live audiences. Audiences will be able to witness Andrea executing high speed rotations as she spins around in the air! Andrea will also be juggling torches lit on fire while being suspended in air! Utterly breathtaking!

Animal Antics and many, many more entertaining and death defying feats for your enjoyment.

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